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Happy Galentine’s Day!

by | Feb 13, 2018

Yep, GALENTINE’s Day with a “G”, a nonofficial holiday celebrating our GIRLS and the friendships we have with each other. (Thank you, Amy Poehler for bringing this day to life for us!)

As a busy mom, I realize the power around the word RELATIONSHIPS, especially when it comes to my girlfriends. Thru thick and thin, they SHOW UP. After morning carpool with a fresh cup of coffee to replace the old stuff you reheated from yesterday. Having that one seasoning you totally forgot to buy at the store for dinner. With a glass of wine when yours is empty and didn’t have time to get to Costco. Even from afar, sending a Facebook message with a goofy dog and hearts GIF to make you giggle in the middle of a “important” meeting. Or thinking of you with quick text full of nonsensical emojis that was really crafted by their 2-year old genius hacking their phone.

Whatever it is, you know it’s for real. Not contrived, or forced. Beyond the level of “Hi, how are you?” like the barista at your fav coffee shop. More like “Hey girl, how ARE you and what do you need from me to keep your train on the track today?”

She GETS it. And she LOVES you and your crazy for all you are.

So take a moment today to raise a glass (coffee, wine, your kiddo’s sippy cup) and say THANK YOU to all of your best girlfriends.

The ones that wouldn’t hesitate to pick you up when you fall…

…after you trip on the sidewalk in front of the elementary school drop off, spilling your fresh coffee, scraping your knee in your favorite non-yoga pants and then posting it on Instagram with the #stopdropandmom.

These ladies are your TRUE GALENTINE’s!

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