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Playing to Win-Win

by | Mar 22, 2018

How many of you have approached a game with the final score already set as a loss? Given up trying? Feel like it’s a futile effort? A waste of your time?

We have a tendency to believe so strongly that we know the outcome of a situation (a task, a relationship, a conversation) before we even begin to take action so the result is already a defeat before we’ve even taken the field!

We give up our power to WIN in this situation.

Why? The likely suspect. Fear.

Our past experiences trace paths in our brain to what we believe will happen again.

Like the old school tracing paper we used to use for art projects. Once we’ve traced over it, it’s hard to go back and remove the lines. Hard. But not impossible.

When we DECIDE to hold space for new outcomes we allow ourselves to remove the tracing paper and freehand the drawing even if it’s messier, not as “perfectly” lined or even completely unlike the original artwork to begin with. But the beauty of being open to fresh perspectives and potentially different outcomes is worth the effort of confronting the fear.

And yes, it takes work but there are a few ways you can test this out on your own:

Ask yourself if a different outcome in this scenario would bring you happiness?

If yes, then give it a shot! Swing, shoot, score, win! If the answer if no, then ask yourself WHY? What is the happiness you are truly searching for and what do you need to change to get it?

Visualize yourself winning.

And then take it a step further. Visualize yourself and those involved (in the “game”) winning with you. What does that look and feel like?

Just DO it. (Shameless credit to Nike)

Play full out! There’s no such thing as losing if you already believe you’ve won just by playing to your best ability.

Try this on: what if there was no score at all?

Rather, just the pure enjoyment of the game. Be in the moment, wrap yourself in the happiness it brings to just play and the positive energy it creates to bring you back for more.

While this all may seem simplistic and perhaps more like a pep talk from your elementary school P.E. teacher, bringing it back to the basics of PLAYING can be effective, less stressful and…FUN! Imagine that?

Try it out at home with your kids and your S.O. or at work with your boss. Or call me and say “Put me in, coach!” I’ll be right over here cheering you on with my Gatorade and vodka.

Final score: WIN-WIN!

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