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Learn How to Win the Dating Game

It’s time you played by a new set of rules…

Sound familiar? You’re on a mission to find love. As a professional woman, juggling the duties of home and work, the way to acheive the mission is dating…but at the moment that only seems to waste your time, energy, and emotions, not to mention what hope you have left.

Dating has become a full-time job–in addition to the one you already have–and returns far less than you’re putting in. The choices, decisions, and details are overwhelming, making your head spin so much that you’re ready to run for the exits.

Not so fast.

There are currently over 100 million single adults living in the US, with more than 40% of them using an online dating service of some type, so the winning hand is definitely within reach…as long as you know how to play the game.

Hi, I’m Robyn Koenig, certified professional dating coach, and it’s my job to help you win that game. Whether you’re looking for love, moving forward after a divorce, or just trying to navigate the latest apps, I’m here to help you find that perfect match.

How Does It Work?

As a highly trained and certified professional dating coach, I can help you in a number of unique ways…just setup a discovery call and we’ll explore this together!

As a dating coach, I help clients first build the confidence, security, and trust in themselves they need to succeed in the dating game and then help them define the type of match that will actually lead to a happy and healthy relationship, saving them all those disaster dates.

As you can see, you no longer have to figure this out alone. You no longer have to struggle in the dating game and settle for less than you desire and deserve. As hopeless as it may seem (and believe me, I’ve been there), you can find love.


You can finally recapture the time and energy you need to enjoy life again


You can finally experience the warmth and comfort and bliss of true love


You can finally replace the stress of the search with lasting fulfillment

“…leads them to find answers that are within.”

Robyn is an incredible coach. She digs deep to understand her client’s preferences and guides them to a better understanding of themselves. She never judges; instead, she leads them to find answers that are within. Robyn’s best interest is with the success of her client’s, and she always approaches each situation with a kind heart and empathetic soul. Robyn has a unique way of balancing wisdom with compassion. Holly M

Let’s Do This

The first step to find love is below…

If you’re ready to stop trying to do it all yourself and instead work with an expert who can get you to where you’re going faster and with far less bumps and bruises, complete the short application below. I’ll personally review it and be in touch within 24 hours with more details about your chosen service.

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